It's all about the foam.

...or at least the main character in this interval-driven, sporadically released 'intra-active' (no, not 'interactive' but 'intra-active') fiction thinks it is.    

But is it * R E A L L Y * all about the foam left by floodwaters on a backwater road?

Why, then, is Mezangelle part of it, and how does that fit in?

Well, it *might* have to do with how you respond to how the main character, Dayforth, responds to it.

...or maybe it's simply all about you (as it should be, amirite?).



[The takeaway: if any of this floats your surrealistic boat, please do stay tuned to see just how this foamcentric (it isn't) fiction evolves.]


[And: just what does 'intra-active fiction' even mean? Hint: 'intra' meaning 'within'. Think: the concept of interactive fiction reworked so that you, dear reader, are teased with a standard CYOA choice-based story, but instead you find yourself stuck in looping intervals where the only winning move is not to play after making a narrative choice by selecting option a, b, or c, the only way to move through the microchapter is to go back and select another option (how delightfully recursive).]



"Dayforth is a new and amazing experience by the brilliant Mez Breeze: I love it...language I can feel."
- Merzmensch

"Day4th is the day light of da fiction...readºmerZge in the #dayforth now."
- Bituur Esztreym]



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For some reason, I am extremely confused about what to make of this but I also really like it...I think.

Just the response that a work like this requires! Hopefully you'll stay tuned to see how it pans out, and (if not, or if you do) thanks for taking the time to dip your toe into the beginnings of the f[iction]oam that is Dayforth.

Lol You bet I will, I like weird and it wasn't dull in the least. 

Yes! + Yay! + Yesnesses!